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"Gregor Gáll's sculptures communicates human values, artistic values that we would enjoy day after day. These works are comprehensible; they can be interpreted and understood. They give joy and happiness to me, hopefully to you too.
You walk in a world of art of this quality with good feelings. It would be good to live among works of art of this kind. This kind of art can be loved, supported and respected not only now, by our generation, but by the next generation, our successors as well. Hence, real quality art represents eternal values."
Gábor Kovács
Art collector, founder of the KOGArt Art Foundation

pouvoir "Beyond the visual delight and emotional impression, the sculptures of Gregor Gáll transmit philosophical and intellectual meaning. By formulating the artistic programme of Gregor Gáll the spiritual requirements should be emphasized, which are completed with the plastic beauty of shaping the subjects. Anybody, who wants to grasp the meaning of his works should follow the artist on his way and learn how he interprets the world.Keeping away from the traps of easy and cheap success to create works serving current fashions of public taste, Gregor Gáll has chosen the thorny path.
He explored the dynamic harmony of positive and negative forms on the verge of figurative and nonfigurative art. He built up a unique artistic trend that can be perceived, even by the expert critic, as a global message of the past, present and the future. This attitude is particularly relevant for the series of sculptures bearing the title “Fossils”, which earned great success for their master at the Hannover World  Exhibition. Beyond the classical plastic shaping, each part of the series conveys the message of the thinking and sensitive man."
Lóránd Bereczky
Director General Hungarian National Gallery

"Gregor Gáll has got a mission, an elementary force of communication. The world of his works is built up according to a predefined strategy, an individual plastic program, which is of filled up with a diversity of contents. He is a unique personality, particularly among sculptors, since he is an intellectual. The basic cultural knowledge is derived from the roots, ‘from the family in pursuit of philosophy and art’.  The deep as well as wide range of wisdom induces that his art, sculpt, is universal rather than contemporary.
A few splinters to finish with:
•    Gregor has always been demanding in his sculpt, demanding bright thoughts, noble materials.
•    Gregor does not make a new style. He just incorporates his thoughts into the desired and worthy form.
•    Nobody has been so consequent comprising the art of sculpting into a contextual frame."

Antal TÓTH
Art historian
Leader of the Sculpture’s Section of Hungarian National Gallery


"Gregor Gáll's statues have a hypnotic force as they take us into ancient times."
Géza Bereményi,
the European Film prize winner

"I'm very proud of to represent in Belgium a nation with great artists – among the new generation Gregor Gáll."
Ferenc Robák
 Ambassador to Hungary

frenchcancan "In essence, signs and motives hinting at most different ages, distinctive features of past and new emerge in the works of Gregor Gáll - this grants them their characteristic post-modern nature. The fact, that every sculpture implies a set of different meanings is the biggest value and the token of the up-to-dateness of these works. This richness of senses suggests that the sculptor has a certain preponderant look on the past of our world. But the sculptor can not deny being a citizen of the XX and XXI centuries either. The memories of the antiquity, of the middle age and the baroque, the reference to the renaissance and to the new age are all simultaneously present, embedded into the prehistory of mankind. All this is a plastic statement by a genuine contemporary sculptor - by a sensitive, refined, erudite, European artist - a statement made at the turn of the epoch."
Kováts Albert, Painter, Art writer

"Gregor is a renaissance man. His proficiency in art is imposing. He has got a vast knowledge of sculpting, he does not hide his knowledge but shares it with anyone interested. He is part of our world, open for everything, has an eye for the good and the bad, perceives the changes all around, but he remains as it is worth being.
Gregor’s art is a mystery. Ha casts scuptures of bronze. It is a lifeless material, though capable of evoking thoughts, reflecting essential facts and emotions, even tell stories with nothing else but form, bronze and a pinch of magic spell.
Duncan Shelley

Eclipse de lune
"Gregor Gáll is also a researcher of form. During the past years he has exhibited works grouped by  clearly defined conceptions.  He does not follow, but creates styles. His artistic world cannot be confined within any artificial barriers. He is free, since his manual skills are guided by philosophy. Now, in this extraordinary exhibition,  we can admire his series of works entitled MICROCOSM. This series is a special summary and interpretation of the world, a new approach to space.
They are small plastics, but as the newly published album suggests, almost all of them are meant to become largescale out-door statues in public places public view. We can feel the strength and tensness of dimensions along with the beauty in bronze and the richness of variations."

Feledy Balázs, Art Historian

"Gregor Gáll's sculptures are neither fake relics nor modern monuments. They express associations and experiments to capture flashes from the remote past. Although he has not percepted any of those moments either, these works seem to be the reflections of tangible emotion, unlimited desire, eternal doubt, merging the past and present into a single, continual endlessness, reflecting the actual moment in the perpetual cycle.
The impressions of the exhibition are personal and tangent, the solid mass of bronze seems to glow with passion. Although we are looking at them for the first time, we cannot hold off a deja-vu feeling. Hence, do not feel embarrassed to let yourselves be overwhelmed with emotion by the atmosphere of these precious pieces of art"
                            Dr. István Hiller, Historian, ex-Minister of Culture

Some thoughts to the sculptures
of my friend Gregor Gáll
"XX. Century.
The Gates of Underworld and Heaven.
The Cataclysms of Challenge and Rejection.
The Desire for Creation.  
The Dreams!
The Fears.
The Nightmares.
The Mysteries of Game and Love.
The Unforgettable Daemons and Angels of a Suggestive Creative Soul."

Vadász György
architect, the designer of the Hungarian Pavilion Hannover 2000

Golden Age
"In Gregor’s work I see incredible compassion and a quality of communication, which is very moving spiritually and emotionally.
 I see the power of a life force, Gregor, coming through and reaching out to touch us."     
                                        Cass Warner, Founder and president of Warner Sisters