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Gregor Gáll was born in Hungary in 1957.
He studied various artistic fields (work of woods, metals, stone, ceramics and drawing). He specialized in bronze sculptures.

Since 1994, Gregor Gáll works were presented in a hundred exhibitions, mainly in Hungary, but also in Belgium, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, France and Germany, including three international fairs (Frankfurt 1999, Hanover 2000 and Strasbourg 2001).
Many sculptures are belonging to public, private or companies collections (Hungarian National Gallery, Veszprém Museum, KOGArt Art Foundation, Cisco Systems, UPC,…).
Monumental works are visible in USA, Acton Sculpture Park (MA),  three Hungarian cities (Hévíz, Badacsonytomaj and Herceghalom) and Belgium (Ottignies- L-L-N).

Gregor Gáll creates sculptures in five different styles -each one very personal. His central subject is the endless contradiction of being.
Hungarian TVs and specialized art magazines have several times presented his activities.

Gregor Gáll also creates silver and gold jewels.

 (in english)

"Greg d' Arc – Sculptures"

190 pages

 SAB.bt 2006

réf. ISBN 963-219-643-0